The Center’s Staff

The Center’s Staff

Matt Huckabay, Executive Director

Nicole Cherry, Associate Director
Mary Korkeila, Chief Financial Officer

Joel Abueg, MA, MSIS, Program Analyst

Alyssa Beatty, Program Data Administrator

Cathy Bourland, Director of Community Education

Kay Iida, Director of Community Affairs 

Danyell Meyers, Positive Solutions Coordinator

Christine Loos, Office Coordinator


Intervention Services

Amber E, Case Manager

Betty G, Case Manager

Brandi S, Case Manager

Debra S, Case Manager

Elise S, Case Manager


Legal Services

Janet B, Domestic Violence District Attorney Advocate
Billie F, Sexual Assault District Attorney Advocate



Prevention and Education
Cathy Bourland, Director of Community Education
Stevie M, Community Educator


Volunteer Program

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