Healthy Communities

Healthy communities start with healthy kids! The Center’s TEACH program is a weekly program for 4th – 8th grade students that uses a variety of age-appropriate activities to equip students with alternatives to violent behavior in order to build a healthier foundation for intimate relationships later in life.  TEACH not only educates students who engage in peer abuse (bullying), it fosters a culture of active bystanders and assertive behavior to help students learn the power of standing up for others and for themselves.

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The Center is dedicated to ending sexual assault and domestic violence in our community. To that end we have educational programs that are available to the public. We will come to your school, club or business and give presentations tailored to suit your needs.

  • Violence Prevention Presentations
  • Healthy Relationships Presentations
  • Dating Violence Prevention Presentations
  • Professional trainings and in-services on a variety of topics

For more information on please contact Cathy at or (530) 626-1450.