Healthy Families

The Center is one of the only agencies in California that serves the whole family.  With programs for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence as well as those who cause harm, we are leading the way toward ending domestic violence.

When there is violence in a family, there are many victims. Children are exposed to domestic violence in many ways. They may hear one parent/caregiver threaten the other, observe a parent who is out of control or reckless with anger, see one parent assault the other, or live with the aftermath of a violent assault.

Family violence is often associated with the abuse of the family pet as well.  Abusers may harm pets to punish the victim for leaving, or in attempts to coerce her/him to return. When animals in a home are abused or neglected, it is a warning sign that others in the household may not be safe.

The Center is at the forefront of healing the whole family. We believe that abusive behavior is learned and can be unlearned. Through our many programs and services, we seek to build healthy relationships, families and ultimately communities.

Second Generation Project

The Center is leading the way with new and innovated programming aimed at ending domestic violence. Our Second Generation Project is a peer-reviewed program aimed at stopping the inter-generational transmission of violence and it is the only one of its kind nationwide. Second Generations Project serves children from violent homes and their non-abusing parent. Children come to the program with many after-effects from their trauma. Through the group, they learn to talk about their experiences and cope in a healthy way. Learn More