Positive Solutions | Anger Management

Positive Solutions | Anger Management

The Positive Solutions program exists for those wanting to overcome patterns of abusive behavior and learn to navigate conflict more effectively.

The Center offers the following Positive Solutions | Anger Management Classes:

  • Men’s Alternatives to Abusive Patterns (MAAP)
  • Changing Abusive Patterns (CAP)
  • and Anger Management

All of the classes follow the same curriculum, which is based on nonviolent communication. The classes are gender segregated.  The MAAP class is for men and the CAP class is for women. Both the MAAP & CAP classes meet the criteria for CA State Certified 52-week Batterer’s Intervention Programs (BIP).

These classes are delivered in two stages: The first stage (weeks 1-12), is where participants learn core anger management tools and concepts, and then stage 2 (weeks 13-52) where a full range of instruction and practice can be achieved. The Anger Management class covers the material presenting the first stage of MAAP/CAP and meets the requirements for Court Ordered Anger Management.

In Positive Solutions we believe abusive behavior is learned and can be unlearned. Focus is placed on three principal areas:

  1. Providing tools or alternatives to stop the abusive behavior now. Individuals will learn that violence is not an appropriate tool for solving problems and will learn alternative responses.
  2. Developing an appreciation of feelings and emotions. Participants will develop an awareness of their own emotional capacity and learn techniques for expressing the full range of human emotion.
  3. Becoming aware of and changing the attitudes and false expectations that have contributed to engaging in abusive behavior.

The group model is our primary tool in working together throughout the year. This provides a safe environment for clients to relate to others’ experiences, learn to accept responsibility for their actions, and develop skills to more appropriately respond to conflict.

The full course of MAAP & CAP is 52 weeks. According to the law, participants who are court ordered are expected to be in this program for a minimum 12 months, and must complete the program within 18 months. Dropped participants will be allowed to re-enroll based on space availability.

A new intake fee & enrollment paperwork will be required. 

Our program requires participants to:

  1. Pay for sessions at the time of each session. Participants falling more than 2 payments behind will be dropped from the program.
  2. Attend all sessions. Participants with more than 2 unexcused absences in the first twelve weeks, 3 unexcused absences overall, or 12 absences throughout the entire program will be dropped from the program.
  3. Refrain from violent, abusive, or harassing behavior. Participants must follow all restraining orders issued.

For class schedules, more information or to schedule an intake appointment, please contact our coordinator at (530) 295-4208 and complete the intake packet, Positive Solutions Enrollment Packet